"The Clutterologist has such a unique gift of creating order in the midst of chaos.  Lauriann provides a professional yet personalized service, organizing your physical space and it's direct effect on your clarity of mind!”
Are you ready to organize your home and your heart? 

3 hour session only $150
6 hour session only $250

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to schedule your life-changing transformation.
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SESSIONS INCLUDE:  100% hands-on assistance with the client while sorting, purging, repurposing and creating workable systems and personalized processes for you and your entire home!

PROJECTS INCLUDE ... bedrooms, closets, garage, home office, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, mail and paper filing, storage options and Feng Shui space redesign. 

RESULTS REPORTED ... clients feel refreshed, refocused, emotionally lighter, balanced, empowered, proud, and productive with a renewed peace of mind!

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Lauriann Davies Stepp, The Clutterologist, had been "freely" organizing college classmates and corporate coworkers since 1987 until she discovered the "paid" professional organizing industry in 2001. Originally from Jamaica, Lauriann grew up in Atlanta, GA, but moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2013 for ocean therapy after becoming a widow in 2011.

"She gracefully coaches you through any overwhelming situation and gets you safely to an organized life raft so you can clearly see through the havoc."

Prior to life's leap of faith from part-time to full-time Clutterologist,  Lauriann spent 20 years in the corporate world as an executive assistant keeping top management organized in AT&T and Turner Broadcasting.  She has a BA in Business-Sociology and has been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 2001.

"She has amazing energy, an eye for detail, and pays great attention to even the minor.  I felt very comfortable working with her and our conversations I will never forget."

Over the past 30 years, the Clutterologist has worked with thousands of overwhelmed clients to organize the physical clutter in the home and heal the emotional clutter in the heart.  Inheriting her mother's "OCD" and father's "ADD" genes, Lauriann's self-diagnosed "LMNOP" has been her divine gift and life purpose of helping and understanding others.

“Lauriann, your positive spiritual energy, organizational skills, warmth and kindness are refreshing my soul and changing my life."